Northern Extrusion Tooling, Inc.
905 West 19th St. P.O. Box 562 ▪ Yankton, SD 57078 ▪ 605-665-3603
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NET manufactures the highest quality tooling, ASAP!

"ASAP" is an expression we take seriously. In every aspect of our business —



100% in-house manufacturing...

Shipping... designed to save our customers time and money.

When an NET customer orders their tooling, one of the first questions asked is, "When do you need the finished products in-hand?" From that point, NET quickly plans each step accordingly to insure that the tooling is received on the desired date.

To insure ASAP delivery, NET developed their own internal process called "PRS" or Progress Report System. Using PRS, NET customers can know exactly where their job is at on an hour by hour basis! NET customers can use this information to better plan their own production with greater efficiency and accuracy.